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*Legal fees are $150 per citation and paid up front. Court assessed costs and fines may be extra.

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Ticket Defense

San Marcos, Texas is known as a great college town, which automatically brings crowded parking, constant speed limit changes and snarkey university police, making receiving a traffic ticket almost a guarantee for residents and students alike. Whether you receive an MIP from the University police, or a traffic ticket from the San Marcos police department or the Hayes County sheriff, you need a local lawyer to keep that ticket off your permanent record. The Coquat Law Firm can help you with any San Marcos ticket violation you receive.

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Process and Fees

Hiring a lawyer may be a new process for you. There is usually fear the lawyer will “rip you off” and concern the price will be too expensive. Our goal is to take the uncertainty out of hiring us and ensure you are comfortable with the entire process. You will speak directly with someone who assists in resolving San Marcos traffic tickets or minor in possession citations on a daily basis. You deserve a fixed price quote, and will get one, up front. You will know exactly how much you’re paying your lawyer before you even hire one of us. If you need a payment plan, just ask. Our services also come with a money back guarantee. If we can’t keep the ticket off your record, you get all of your legal fees back.

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Your Legal Team

Here at The Coquat Law Firm we employ an excellent team of traffic ticket lawyers that does nothing but focus on taking care of your traffic tickets and citations. Traffic Ticket defense is our top priority. Our team of trained traffic ticket attorneys handles thousands of citations every year! Unfortunately our team cannot legally guarantee the specific outcome of a case based on your traffic tickets or citations, but we do guarantee that our experienced traffic ticket lawyers will provide you with the best traffic ticket and citations legal services.

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“You wouldn’t hire a foot doctor to operate on your heart!”

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“I live in Austin and work in San Antonio. I do a lot of driving and have absolutely no time to deal with fighting a traffic ticket. As a professional, I couldn't have the ticket go on my record. I knew The Coquat Law Firm resolves tickets in both cities, so the decision to hire them was easy. Their staff kept me informed of the process, kept the ticket off my record and kept money in my wallet.”–--J. Thomas, actual Austin Texas Client