Learn more about the amazing CLE company LexVid and LexVid.com and how they can help you with CLE credit

As a law professor and something of a legal nerd, I actually enjoy CLE’s quite a bit.
Unfortunately there’s always the difficulty of finding the time to attend class. I have
three small children and a wife to focus on, a law firm to run, a real estate brokerage
to run, classes of students who demand attention and, every once in a while, I like to
try and sleep.

LexVid is an amazing CLE company.

Recently, I realized I have met virtually none of my CLE requirements for the year.  My birthday is coming up fairly soon and I needed to get the remaining hours I lack out of the way, as quickly and efficiently as possible. Most of my truly quiet, downtime occurs between midnight and 2 a.m. Luckily, I stumbled across www.LexVid.com.  LexVid.com is an online CLE video company providing busy attorneys CLE videos that are actually interesting to watch. There’s a broad selection of videos to choose from, especially if you purchase the unlimited package like I did.  Of course, the unlimited package has the advantage of allowing you to rack up a bunch of hours that will roll over to the next calendar year, if your state allows such a thing.

Visit LexVid.com for even more information.

I really recommend LexVid.com for busy attorneys, or those who’d like to rack up a bunch of CLE hours.

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