Ticket Defense 

Defending Your Traffic Ticket

San Marcos is a great American town. Hard working individuals, young college students getting their education, and plenty of potential for continued growth. But no matter how great the city is, it is having the same problems that everyone is facing. More traffic tickets. Traffic tickets are a great way for local governments to make some extra revenue. But this comes at a cost to the citizens of San Marcos.

Traffic Tickets We Defend

One of the few things that stands between the local government and traffic ticket Armageddon our trained traffic ticket lawyers, like the ones at The Coquat Law Firm. Our trained traffic lawyers can help defend you from traffic tickets and citations for: speeding, failure to yield, driving too fast for conditions, no insurance, no state inspection, reckless driving, improper lane change, following too closely, stop sign, no registration, as well as many others. The trained traffic ticket lawyers at The Coquat Law Firm can also assist with commercial drivers license or CDL traffic tickets, occupational license applications, and suspended drivers licenses.

Focusing on Traffic Ticket Defense

The trained traffic ticket lawyers at the Coquat Law Firm are committed to resolving traffic tickets and defending you. Just because the State Bar of Texas doesn’t recognize traffic ticket defense as a specialty, doesn’t mean that you can’t see that for yourself. One of our amazing San Marcos trained traffic tickets lawyers devotes more than 90% of her time, experience, and skills solely to defending traffic tickets.

San Marcos Traffic Ticket Defense Lawyer

Our San Marcos traffic ticket lawyers are ready to defend you from traffic tickets. Their experience, skills, and dedication to get you the best deal possible make them perfect for defending you from San Marcos traffic tickets. Our flat fee system of $150 per citation means that there are no hidden fees. If you have a traffic ticket in San Marcos and want to be represented by a trained traffic ticket lawyer from The Coquat Law Firm or simply want more information call us today!