Process & Fees 

Traffic Ticket Defense Process in San Marcos

The Coquat Law Firm is a firm believer in transparency. You should always know exactly what your lawyer is charging to represent you and what you are paying for. Before we explain more about our process and fees please do not hesitate to call The Coquat Law Firm if you have ANY questions about the process or fees.

The first step in our process, once you have hired The Coquat Law Firm to represent you for your San Marcos Traffic Ticket is to contact the court on your behalf. We contact the court by send a letter of representation. This lets the court know that you are serious about fighting your ticket as well as telling the court that we are fighting for you. Depending on how far away your court appearance date is we might also request that the court reschedule the appearance date. Do not worry though. We will appear on your behalf. You do not need to go to court once you have hired us.

The second step in our process is to have our trained traffic ticket lawyers begin negotiating with the court to get your fines reduced as much as possible. Sometimes we can even get traffic tickets dismissed altogether. We also make sure that you spend as little time as possible on deferred disposition.

The final step in our process, once the court has given you the best offer possible, is to have our traffic ticket lawyers accept the offer on your behalf. Once the offer has been accepted we notify you in writing immediately. After that you will be still be responsible to pay the lowered court fine. Some individuals may also have to complete defensive driving. Once you have paid your reduced fine to the court you will be placed on deferred disposition. So long as you do not get another ticket during your time on deferred disposition then your ticket will not be a conviction and your insurance will not go up. This will save you money in the long run.

Traffic Ticket Defense Fees in San Marcos

The Coquat Law Firm has a flat fee structure of only $150 per citation. That is it. No hidden fees. No fine print.

You will still have to pay the reduced fine by the court as well as our flat fee. However, in some rare cases there are prosecutors who will not negotiate or lower traffic ticket fines. Some courts also slightly raise your fine for deferred disposition, but don’t worry. If this happens we GUARANTEE 100% money back!