Tickets for Self Driving Cars

With technology advancing at an ever increasing pace we are poised to see the rise of technological marvels that few would have dared to believe in our childhood, but is society ready for all of those changes?

Can People Get Tickets for Self Driving Cars?

With the announcement that Google’s new self driving car doesn’t have a steering wheel, we at The Coquat Law Firm started debating some of the possible legal issues that could come up, especially Tickets for Self Driving Cars. The short answer to the question, can people get Tickets for Self Driving Cars  is simple. We don’t know.

Tickets for Self Driving Cars is a tricky topic for traffic ticket lawyers. Everyone knows that car’s don’t get tickets drivers do. But what if there is no driver? If a self driving car is pulled over for speeding we know it wasn’t the driver who was speeding, it was the car. This creates a problem because a police officer can’t give Tickets for Self Driving Cars.

Maybe if everyone used self driving cars there wouldn’t be any more speeding, but what happens if someone were to hack into or modify their self driving car to always go five miles or fifteen miles over the speed limit? Then could the officer give Tickets for Self Driving Cars?

The not too distant future of Tickets for Self Driving Cars.

On September 16th, 2014, self driving cars will be legally allowed to drive on Public streets in California. That leaves a little less than 5 months to prepare the answer to the question can people get Tickets for Self Driving Cars.

At The Coquat Law Firm we don’t sit around and discuss the future of traffic tickets though. Our trained traffic ticket attorney’s handle thousands of citations every single year. If you find yourself with a traffic ticket or citation be sure to give us a call today at 512-333-2833. Save yourself time and money. Don’t fight your traffic tickets alone. Hire the professional traffic ticket lawyers.

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